Sunday, February 21, 2010

Batter's Up

It's heartening to see someone so enthusiastic about anything as Prof. Sedlock. It doesn't really matter what for. She puts out a positive influence, which is what art is all about. I don't mean positive in the way of smiley faces and hearts, but more in the way of plus signs. Creativity is about adding things to the world. Even if what you're adding is terrible or is influenced by something terrible, it is still adding, not subtracting. War is subtraction. Humans love to subtract. Science is addition. Science is a slow accumulation. Art is addition. Music is addition. Philosophy is stasis. Religion is subtraction. Politics are subtraction. Prejudice is subraction.


  1. I think i agree with you to some point. That is the positive way prof. Sedlock has worked her way through from Arts to Science. Then again, everything in this world is art. You own it when you master is.
    But i think politics,religion and Prejudice are all additions because these things are there to help us know the value of one another.